Cpuminer-opt install script

This works for Raspberry PI models, although i've only ever tested it on a model 4B.

[object Object] on the Magi Lounge Discord Server made the original command sequence, and i compressed it into two installation scripts.

This setup is multi-step, as there is a reboot required for it to work.


1. Run script 1

The first script will install raspbian-nspawn-64.

run the following commands in the terminal/over ssh:

sudo curl -s | bash

2. Reboot RPI

A reboot is required once the setup of raspbian-nspawn-64 has completed.

run sudo reboot now to restart your pi.

3. Run script 2

This script will enter the x64 bit shell, install the required libs, clone the cpuminer-opt source code, and then build the miner.

run the following commands in the terminal/over ssh:


(you should now be in the ds64-shell)

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y curl

sudo curl -s | bash

4. Done

every time you want to use the miner, enter the x64 shell by using the ds64-shell command if you arent already in it, cd to the cpuminer-opt directory, and use the script with the ./cpuminer command (use the --help flag for more information)

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